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“How come he don’t want me, man?”

From what I’ve heard, Will Smith’s father actually left him. This wasn’t entirely scripted. Will went off on his own rant, and the hug at the end was genuine.

His character was just supposed to shrug off his dad leaving again and he starts to but then Will goes off script. That whole speech is coming entirely from him. The hug at the end is also genuine, actor to actor not character to character.

God, I will never stop loving Will Smith.

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Ok I know this beautiful woman isn’t necessarily famous but I ran across her post and thought it was too amazing to not share!

“GOD FAITH PASSION: The bald and bandage lady was me mid Jan 2012. I had a double mastectomy, Stage 3b cancer, and a 50/50 chance of survival. Today, this is me w the big smile, implants, and a second chance of living. You ask me can I stand the rain?? Yes..and floods, hurricanes, tsunamis, and any other storm! U hear me?!! …Thank you Lord for strength of super heroes to fight. Thank you Jesus for another year of my life Thank you everyone for your support!” —Coqueace Koco Powell co founder of Sexy after 30.

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Here you have various WoC (women of colour) wearing their traditional, religious and cultural head-coverings. Please try and persuade me that all these women, from various continents are oppressed because they choose to wear traditional/religious/cultural garments. 

As a woman of colour, I preserve the right to wear my garments religiously and culturally. I will not take off my headscarf or any form of head covering because your ignorance has let you to believe that I am ‘oppressed’. I will wear my culture and religion with pride, and shouldn’t have to be afraid I will face discrimination because of your lack of knowledge of my culture or religion.

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Photography: Richard Calmes    19


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King Beyoncé walks out on stage during one of Jays concerts and gives life.

If this was your wife, you too would have to take a moment and just take it in. Damn. 

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Natural Hairstyle: Shaved Braided Hawk

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Phylicia Ayers-Allen  aka Phylicia Rashad aka Mrs Huxtable aka Debbie’s sister.


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This is something that should be reblogged no matter what theme you have.

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